Learning the basics of how to use Windows 10

With the discontinuation of Windows 7 in January, the move to Windows 10 may be a little daunting. However, i hope that these videos below can help assist the transition to make the experience a little less daunting!

This video by "Online training for everyone" gives a comprehensive guide on how to use Windows 10.


Start Button 00:25

Tiles Menu 2:04

Search Windows Applications by Name 3:16

Use Start Button to Search Applications 4:06

Pin Applications to Taskbar 4:37

Launch Applications with One Click 5:22

Fastest Way to Launch Windows Apps 6:12

Pin to Start 6:38

Identify Daily Used Applications and Pint them to Taskbar 8:42

Launch Documents, Settings File Explorer with One Click 8:55

Create Backup Administrative Account 9:42

Personalize Start Menu List 10:01

Use Cortana to Launch Applications 11:53

Pin Most Frequently Used URL to Desktop & Taskbar 12:57

Windows 10 Settings 14:04

Reduce Blue Light Exposure in Windows 10 15:05

Taskbar in Windows 10 17:38

Organize Windows 10 Desktop 20:34

Configure Windows 10 Desktop 21:53

Configure Display Settings 21:50

Personalize Windows 10 Desktop 23:19

File Explorer 24:24

File Explorer Alternative Launch 24:58

Take Screenshot in Windows 10 31:41

Screenshots with Snipping Tool 32:18

Screenshots with Snip & Sketch 33:17

Screenshot and Save Picture with One Click 34:05

Run Windows Command as Administrator 35:34

Launch Command Prompt in the Specific Folder 36:32

Install Latest Updates and Patches 37:21

Install Windows Applications 38:45

Install Multiple Applications as a batch 40:09

Create Backup Administrative Account 42:29

Create System Image in Windows 10 44:00

Restore from System Image 45:37

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